To make vertical or horizontal piles of 3 (at least) identical token. I let to you discover the special tokens...

You can use the stylet: a tap to move your token, a tap to take a token, a tap to release a token

Or the rocker (5-way pad): right - left, up - down


You must install the following files:

- zion_fr.prc for the French version
- zion_en.prc for the English version
- Zion_HiRes.pdb : Palm Hires (320x320 / 320x480) T3, T5, TX, LD, etc.
- Zion_LoRes.pdb : Palm Lores (160x160)  le Z22, Zire 31, etc.

If you want to have background images (as on the pictures), you can install the following files:

- Zion_Animals.pdb
- Zion_Landscape.pdb
- Zion_Sea.pdb
- Zion_Space.pdb

You can install the four, or only the topics which you like

You will find the install files here